We have a strong R & D team. Steamworks flavourists are from world-famous flavour and tobacco companies. After nearly 5 years of painstaking research and development, we have developed up to more than 1300 different flavours in our product formula reserve. Among them, more than 30 kinds of hot selling products such as tobacco, fruit, menthol, cream, beverage and mixed flavours etc., by the favor of e-cigarette consumers.

We have first-class production facilities. all of Steamworks production facilities are in accordancewith the GMP standard design and construction, is one of the few in the world. As one of the e-liquid companies, with GMP certified class-10000 workshop, the annual production is 20 million bottles in 10ml with strong production capacity, we can provide OEM customers with the fastest product delivery.

We provide TPD service for our custoers. Steamworks has over 400 SKU that are registered by TPD. if customers choos the flavours which have already been completed TPD registration, our technical team familiar with the rules of TPD, will offer free service for the customers own brands registration, free of charge to the customers in accordance with the requirements of TPD to modify the packaging design, to ensure all of e-liquids fully comply with TPD compliant.